What To Prepare For Your First Time On Stage?

If you are a performer, the first time on stage will be your most memorable moment. So, how to make it the best time of your life? This is the answer for you!

Practicing is good for any performer to go on stage, but preparation to have a good stage presence plays an important part as well. If you are a talented singer but doesn’t have good performing skills on stage, you can’t be a star even though your voice is outstanding. Creating a good performance requires many competencies such as good body language, positive energy making methods and so on. Having a real presence on stage will give you more chance than you think since people will love you and have fun with your songs. Most importantly, this success will build up the confidence for you to continue working as a performer in the future.


Here are some ways to have a good stage performance that you should know.

  1. Prepare For The Big Stage

There would be so many things you need to prepare, but you shouldn’t forget to practice regularly. Take any chance to practice on the location you are going to sing live. Training will help you to believe in your performance as well as remove a part of the burden on your shoulder since you can see the results while rehearsing. There are many ways you can use to practice: self – practice at home, perform with your band, play for relatives and friends and let them give feedback… You won’t mess up if you are full – trained. If possible, get some small shows and see how people react to your performance before bringing it on the big stage.

After that, find your source of inspiration and motivation. The most important factor you need to have is the confidence. No matter what kind of music or song you are going to play, be confident, and everything would be all right. Find your inner rock star and become passionate and energetic. You don’t have to be perfect, just do as usual, and your performance will rock the stage really hard.

If you are still nervous, another thing you can do is watch and learns from the greats. There are so many videos about live performances of great bands and singers online that you can watch. If it’s possible, attend a real one and see how they do in their performances. Each performer has his or her way to overcoming stage fright and become the fire on stage. Study their body language and the spirit when performing is the key factor for you to do as good as they do. However, don’t mimic any moves or techniques since that will make you look alike and fans would not like being tricked like that.

Perform on stage

Record your recent performances and replay it whenever you have time. Learn from the past is a good idea as well. Filming is a good method to see all your pros and cons and how to fix them. When you perform a song, there would be something wrong that you can’t notice at once, but when observing yourself singing, it would be a lot different, and you can learn from your mistakes easily.

  1. More Outer Preparation

Checking your outfit and make sure they are good enough for your performance. People pay money for the tickets not only to hear the songs but also enjoy the performances. They want to be charmed both by their ears and their eyes. If you perform in a band, make sure your band wears a uniform and that uniform must stand out to create positive impacts on audiences. On the other hand, if you are a solo singer, you should choose outfits that are suitable with the song.

Be a star

Acting on stage means you have to get out of your comfort zone. You have worked hard to achieve a spot on the stage, so you have to improve your strengths and remove your weaknesses to be better day by day. It means you have to be strict with yourself. You can sing, but you can’t dance? No problem, let’s take a dance class to make your body language better. Can’t you reach high note? Don’t worry; practice with a professional vocal trainer can help you overcome your weakness. After all, get rid of your weaknesses is the most vital factor to help you survive on stage. No one can be perfect, but the best will be the one with least weakness and be able to get out of the comfort zone.

  1. Attitude On Stage

When performing, just be yourself. Don’t be clumsy or shy; the audience can notice that feeling right away. Just be self – confident since you’ve practiced really hard for this moment and there’s nothing could go wrong. Just relax and do what you want to do. Let go of your body and mind and perform like it’s the last chance you can stand in front of the crowd. Your performance would be outstanding.

If you are good at stage performing, let’s do some tricks and make the crowd goes even crazier. You can include the group and make your fans feel like they are part of the show. People buy a ticket with the primary purpose to sing along, dance and scream. If you can satisfy them, you can make your performance the best they have ever seen and make them become your fans. Don’t forget to create energetic and the passionate environment around you.

Sometimes there can be some unwanted problems on stage, but be active and flexible. You have to handle it well and continue your song without worrying too much about it. Sometimes if possible, you can put some small tricks in your performance and distract the crowd so that you can have some moments to rest on stage without letting them know.

As you can see, performing live on stage is a task of challenge that not anybody can do easily. However, if you want to become a professional, this is one of the most important skills you have to master!