Tips and Trick to Keep Your Voice Healthy and Bright

Singing requires many factors, not only techniques but also natural sound. A singer relies heavily on the health status to perform well. Similar to keep fit by spending hours at the gym, you should know some ways to keep your voice healthy as well, even if you are not a singer or an actor. The healthy voice also means your throat and your mouth is protected well.

Many people say that the voice of a person is the ambassador to the world. The voice represents our characteristics as well as our emotions. In fact, you can make use of your voice to attract people and change the way they think of you, especially when you sing or make an outstanding presentation. If your voice is somehow damaged, it might cause some negative impacts on your life.

Protect your voice

In this post, we will introduce some small tips and tricks that can help yours in protecting and developing your voice to keep a whole speech and avoid any voice disorder.  To keep your voice in shape, you should:

  1. Pay Attention To The Amount Of Water Intake

Many people often let their throat dry because they do not drink enough water on a daily basis. You should drink water to keep the body, especially your voice be well – hydrated. In fact, you should avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol.

You can talk or sing well because your vocal cords are well – lubed. Your voice depends on the vibration of the vocal cords. They vibrate very fast so you should let them lubricated. Here’s a not for you: don’t just rely on one source of water. You can always find alternations such as fruits and vegetables. Hydration- conscious snacks such as fruits like apples, watermelons are highly recommended not only for your voice cords but also for your body.

  1. Avoid Excessive Use

Have you heard about “vocal nap”? If not, you should know about it right away. A vocal rest is a word that refers to a period when you do not use your voice at all. No singing, no yelling and even no talking. You should spend at least 30 minutes a day for a vocal nap since it helps you to avoid using your voice too much. For example, if you are a teacher and you have to teach all day long, the break time between periods is the precious amount of time for you to save your voice. Spend your breaks in a quiet way so as to rest your voice.

Keep your voice healthy

In fact, don’t try to talk or scream too loud in a long time since it can easily damage your throat. In festivals and events, people tend to scream and shout too much. It would be all right but after that, you should take care of your vocal cords carefully to recover your voice quickly.

  1. Stay Away From Any Kinds Of Tobacco

You must quit smoking if you want to save your voice and use it effectively. That means if you are trying to smoke or addicted to it, please change your hobby to something better, not only for your lungs but also your body. Throat cancer is the most dangerous risk that can happen when you smoke years after years. Also, inhale smoke is the worst way to damage your throat even if you do not smoke. Stay away from that area as soon as possible. That is the reason why we can see that protect the voice is similar to protect your health.

  1. Appropriate Voice Usage

Many people are original singers. They are given such a beautiful and strong voice since they were born. However, some of them do not know the way to use this gift correctly. So if you are the one like that, stop yelling or screaming or talk loudly. Reduce your voice if possible and raise it in a right way with a real and profound breath. Don’t let your throat dry at any cost.

If you are a singer, protect the voice is the most important ways to perform well on stage. Don’t reach high notes too often; it might exceed the endurance of your vocal cords and damage them. Moreover, you should learn how to pronounce correctly and place the sound source in the right place. People want outstanding performances, but you should not risk your health by doing too much.

  1. Sing With Correct Technique

When you sing, don’t make your throat and neck muscles work too much. They should be relaxed even when you reach high notes. Some singers control their neck when singing high and low notes. However, it is not a way for you to reach note since it has no help to your voice. On the other hand, tilting the head up and down while singing like that will limit your vocal range in the future, and that would be such bad news for any singer.

Voice care

Practice regularly, and you can control and level up your voice. Don’t try to reach notes that are too high by reaching your neck up. It is completely wrong. Improve your breath and vocal cords if you want to, not by damaging your muscles like that.

When you are sick, you had better let your voice rest since it cannot be as good as normal. Singing or doing something like that is such a bad idea. Also, protect your throat with warm water and scarf. You should listen to your voice and your throat. Don’t let them hurt since it is a part of your body.

Warm up your vocal cords every time you use them for singing or representing. Don’t be lazy and skip this step since it can decide the quality of your song or your presentation. In fact, you should warm up your voice on a daily basis with some small exercises such as humming, lip trills, and other professional, warm ups. At the end of the day, you should cool the voice down and talk gently to save your voice.