How to Sing In Front Of an Audience?

You are a person who loves singing and really want to sing almost everywhere, then the biggest goal of your life is performed in an audience and show people what you got, right? However, being a good singer is not enough. You might be good at singing, but it doesn’t mean you can do well in front of an audience if you don’t know how. To some people, they can sing anywhere, anytime and never feel shy about their voice. Singing becomes a part of their lives. But when on stage for an audience, they can’t perform exactly what they want and get too nervous to show off their talent.

The first thing you should know is that it’s not your voice becomes the primary factor for the success on stage, it’s your confidence! You might have lots of experiences singing at contest or singing choir of your university, but singing in an audience is something completely different. It requires so many efforts as well as training to perform well on stage in front of an audience without having any troubles.

Sing on stage

In this post, I will share some small tips based on my experiences and some of my failures as well to help you control your emotions better sing well in front of an audience. Get ready and get up on that stage!

Take Any Chance You Have

Accumulate as much as you can. Don’t be lazy though your voice is good and your performance is acceptable. Practice makes perfect, and you should practice anytime you can know all your pros and cons.

If possible, you should join a karaoke singing club. You can go alone or with your friends to feel better for the first time. For people who don’t know what a karaoke singing club is, it’s a lounge with TV screen for people to sing comfortably. Each room has the noise reduction system so don’t worry if your voice is strong and loud. You are free to sing even scream if you want. Choose the song you want to sing and perform for your group.

The song’s lyrics will come up on the screen so don’t worry if you haven’t remembered all of them yet. The songs will change color whenever you sing to that part. However, don’t rely on the TV screen too much since it would be no screen like that when you are on stage.

Improve your voice

You can get a meeting and sing like that in almost anywhere, even when you are at the university. The fee for a room like that is quite affordable. Singing in front of many people like that is the first step to building your confidence when singing. In fact, the sound system in the karaoke room is quite good; you can really try to sing as professional as possible to show the best of your voice and get feedback from your friends and family.

Prepare To Go On Stage

The best way to perform well on an audience is to forget anything that makes you distract and do what you need to do with your song. You need to overcome your fears to sing nicely. Some preparations for your throat are necessary, especially keeping your voice loud and clear. Many people let their throat dry before going on stage, and that’s a mistake that lowers their potential pretty much. Drink some warm water will hydrate your vocal cords and calm you down actually.

If you are next, inhale and exhale deeply for about five seconds each. Close your eyes and don’t notice anything else. This kind of meditation is the best way for you to go up on stage safely. Warm your voice up and do some quick rehearse so that you won’t forget the lyrics in the middle of the song. It’s time for you to shine!

Song Selection

Song choosing is also a skill that needs to be learned if you want to shine when standing in front of an audience. Don’t choose songs that are too difficult to sing or not familiar with the public. The song you choose should be easy enough and suitable for your voice range. However, a little bit challenging should be added to your performance since it will be the highlights to make the judges choose you.

Don’t choose that are too risky since you don’t have the second chance to do the testing again. You will feel quite nervous going up on stage and people are staring at you so don’t make it harder by making yourself confused with a song consists of high notes. Perform naturally as you practice at home and don’t panic if you do something wrong.

Be confident

The primary factor is keeping your attitude positive and maintains your voice. Don’t push it too hard if you can’t. You can modify the song a little bit if you think that will represent a style of yours and make the song stands out of others.

Singing in front of an audience might be difficult for you but the advantages this experience brings to you are undeniable. You can be much more confident next time you perform live on stage and become more mature in the way you sing and the way you perform. Don’t worry if you can’t make it this time. There will be a lot of chances if you have real talent.


Going up on stage in front of an audience is a real challenge, especially for amateur singers. However, if you want to be a professional singer and perform on bigger stages in the future, don’t be scared of the stage lights and keep practicing until you make it. The biggest fear will become your greatest strength.

If you need any assistance about singing techniques or performing skills, don’t hesitate to take a look at my blog. I believe my posts will help you to know more about how to be a better singer as well as a better performer. Good luck with your future!