How To Sing High Notes Perfectly?

With any singers, hitting high notes correctly is a task of a challenge to conquer. However, not anyone, even professional can do that because of many reasons. It might be because of the way we sing, the position of our vocal chords or maybe because of our techniques. If you don’t have enough financial condition to look for instruction from a professional vocal trainer, this is the post for you. Let’s get started and see what your problems are.

This post is designed for you – singers who haven’t reached the desired notes yet. You don’t have to look for any other instructions, just make sure you can practice regularly and follow these steps strictly. Above all, you should keep yourself healthy and protect your voice at all time to achieve the best condition while training so as to get the best results.

How to sing high notes?

Warm Up Your Voice

Many people pass this step since they think this is such a waste of time and they don’t really understand how the sound is produced. First of all, I want you to warm up your voice and remove any signs of tiredness from your voice. Just humming along with your favorite songs and melodies until when you feel that you can sing usually without any objects inside your throat. Another way you can try is to hum from low notes to higher ones to increase the vocal range gradually. You should move slowly from the lowest note to the highest one and do backward.

Do the warm-ups a few times until you think that everything is fine and you can move on to the lessons. It’s better when you warm your voice up from your vocal range and move to higher and lower ranges. It’s natural and similar to the way you speak. Don’t skip this step at any cost since it decides the efficiency of the whole lesson. No one wants to practice when the voice isn’t good enough.

Correct Your Breath

Breathe in and out slowly and concentrate on the parts you use when breathing. You should use your diaphragm while breathing to achieve the best result. The amount of air you breathe in by using your stomach will always be larger than that when you use your chest only. That’s the way singers have to learn when singing and breathing.

You can sing

After that, stand up straight and sing some quick “ha, ha” to feel the air flow inside your body. If you feel your belly vibrates from the lower parts, you are doing right. Or else, you should take time and fix this problem with your breath intake. Your voice can be loud enough to hit high notes if you can’t improve your breathing and support your voice well.

Start With Your Vocal Type

You should start with the vocal range you feel comfortable with to train your voice and make it stronger gradually. After that, this is the real challenge: move your sound up and down along with the scale. Go as high as you could. However, don’t strain your voice. Keep your throat muscles relaxed, even if you are practicing notes that exceed your ability, your throat should not hurt.

If you don’t feel comfortable, drink warm water to relax your vocal cords, and hydrate your voice. Don’t drink too much as well as other iced types of water since it can harden your vocal cords. The best water for you should be warm, but not too much. You really don’t want your belly to be full of water. Exhaling and inhaling with a stomach full of water could be very hard and exhausted.

Use The Whole Phrase

After practicing notes, it’s time to move on to another lesson. Now think of a phrase that includes a high note. Basically, high note is included in a sentence of the lyric, and that is your challenge. You have to maintain your voice range as well as your breath while singing. In fact, this is the connection between the regular note and a high note that you have to master as well as the way to control your vocal cords and keep it in a particular position while singing.

Sing with your stomach

Another fundamental that I shouldn’t forget to mention is that you have to use your stomach instead of your throat. If you feel hurt while singing high notes, that means you are singing in a wrong way. The high note requires more air, not straining your vocal cords. When you sing, put your hand on your belly and feel the flow of air. The area you should work is the stomach muscles since you will make use of them to push the air continuously and reach high notes. Imagine that you are a balloon now and you need to take as much air as you could. The best way is using your stomach, not your lungs only. This requires many practice sessions so don’t worry if you can’t control your stomach at once.

Remember To Change Your Vowel

Many singers have wrong vowel position, and that is a critical error when singing. Each voice has certain vowels that can let the air goes in and out smoothly and emotes the best sounds. Vowel modification plays an important part when singing since it decides whether your singing is listenable or not. If you don’t know how to place your lips, tough and mouth, look for the best positions by watching videos about vowel modification on the Internet.

Once you’ve known what the best is for you, combine it with the correct breath intake and vocal cord placement. You will see that the high note is reached quickly without straining your vocal cords too much. Remember that practice makes perfect, and your voice is highly dependent on your health. That’s the reason why people have to keep their health at the best when singing a high note. Some singers can sing as well as they used to be since they drink too much alcohol, and you should avoid ruining your voice like that.